Moroccan boy trapped in well found dead after dayslong rescue effort

We Have a Problem When A Rogue Regime Can Make Global Threats And Raise Oil Prices

They say in a society the civilization always gets more of what rewards. When we reward bad behavior from citizens, or we reward the cheaters and fraudsters, we get more of that behavior. Perhaps that goes without saying in a large group of people, but what about when it comes to nations all interacting in the global society? Right now, I think we have the same problem, and I’d like to discuss this with you for a few moments if I might.

Was This Only Way To Go?

Some years ago, our country went into a tailspin because the oil price had dropped to a terrifying low of -$9 a barrel. This impacted heavily on the population as our economy is oil-based driven. There was an election held around that time as it was constitutionally due, and the incumbent government was voted out 33-3.

Nationalism, International Relations, And Mixed Families of Different Citizenship Considered

Not long ago, I was presented an excellent question to discuss, namely; if some family members of one nation demanded and shouted that “America must leave our country” and other members of that same family came to America to become citizens, shouldn’t the US be concerned, especially if that family was the aristocratic class of the other nation? Now then, my first thought is I wouldn’t condemn anyone for wishing to become an American Citizen, we have people lined up to get into our country.

Why Donating to Charity Is Important

There are thousands of charitable organizations, however prior to donating, it is imperative to consider that aspect of the organization which has personally impacted the donor. At present, there are nine types of non-profit organizations like Charitable Organization, Social Welfare Organizations, Labor and/or Agricultural organizations, Business Leagues, Social Clubs, Fraternal Societies, Employees’ Association, Veterans’ Organizations and Political Organizations. These charitable institutions try to make a difference by dedicatedly assisting the underprivileged and the thrust generally is on orphans and education. In this context, all of us should at least attempt to donate something, either cash or in kind, on a consistent basis to make some one’s life better.

When Governments Start Selling Air – Well, That’s When You Ought To Be Concerned

Do you remember when Enron fell, the company had a huge trading floor selling unconventional commodities, you name it they were selling, buying, and busy trading it, and no it wasn’t just energy units, or excess bandwidth. In fact, they’d probably have had a field day with this latest scheme to sell carbon credits, creating a whole new market basically selling air, or CO2, dirty air that is, well to human, of course the trees and plants need it to survive. But, don’t worry your little self with that, it’s a $10-50 Billion a year industry, and it will put the Chicago commodity traders of today to shame, you thought there was money in oil trading, sure there is but trading air, that’s a gas.

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