Native Americans pushed for Washington team’s name change for years l ABCNL

Sympathy For Scroungers

Pronouncements by Republican politicians in the USA, as well as objectives expressed by Iain Duncan Smith in his reform of the welfare system in the UK, have rehearsed fears that a welfare system is always in danger of being exploited by people who reject working for a living. The argument is made that if the state provides too generously for the unemployed and disabled, scroungers will take advantage of the opportunity to live in idleness at the expense of the community. This argument lives on, and is repeated endlessly, in spite of the answer having been provided by John Kenneth Galbraith as long ago as 1958.

The Migrant Crisis: A Wellness-Based Quality of Life Approach to Protect Host and Refugee Alike

Quality of life is not a near term concern for the millions of migrants storming ashore in Greece and other European countries; saving their own lives and giving their children an opportunity for a decent existence are the primary objectives of those who risk so much to escape war, poverty, persecution and/or discrimination in their native countries that have become dysfunctional and dangerous. Maintaining existing levels of rather high life quality is very much a concern of host nations that are being overrun with more desperate, unprepared refugees than can be supported. This article outlines in broad terms an approach that might meet both concerns, for many if not all of the migrants without creating economic and/or social breakdowns in the host nations.

The World Order Is Under the Power of 666

The number is frightening because it has been so misunderstood that people are waiting on the devil to turn up to take control. What they don’t realise is that 666 has been running the world for almost the last 2,000 years and they have put their trust in him. Who is he and what has he done to have such an influence?

Global Corruption: The Panama Papers and The Mayflower Maneuver

Ever since the Panama papers came out to many of us were naive about the extent and scope of how much wealth is actually being hidden away in tax havens and off shore accounts all around the globe. Sure, we accept the fact that the wealth of certain individuals have always been socked away from the prying eyes of government. That’s one of the reasons why the wealthy keep getting wealthier.

Don’t Cry for Argentina

Argentina is emerging from years of corruption, lost freedoms, debt and economic fascism. American voters should take note of what happens when even a slim majority decide they have had enough and choose change.

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