Navy SEALs candidate dies after ‘Hell Week’ training

Summer of 2011 – What Did We Really Learn?

Well, the Arab Spring throughout the Middle East and North Africa was quite the to-do. Many people lost their lives protesting against their governments, and some of the rogue regimes which occupy the various nations in those regions. However, the Arab Spring which was meant to bring democracy and overthrow iron-fisted ruled governments quickly turned into the Arab Summer, Arab Fall, and now the Arab Winter.

Is the EuroZone Experiment Over – Did It Fail Due to Socialism?

Europe’s debt crisis is real, and it’s much bigger than the leadership there would like to admit in public, but really there is no denying the reality of what is going on. And it’s not just with the PIIGS – Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain either. You can easily add France to the mix, even though its economy appears to be functioning and viable with some austerity measures to limit the financial challenges that socialism has brought forth in that country.

Homeless Street Children: A Growing Social Ill

One of the major social problems in many nations worldwide is that of homeless street children. Children end up on the streets for a multitude of reasons. Some have lost their parents through civil wars, natural catastrophes, and other calamities while others flee from abusive homes or escape to the streets because their poverty-stricken families are unable to care for them.

Child Begging: A Blight on Society

For child beggars, there is nothing like school. From day to day, week to week, months running into years, the routine is the same: begging along highways despite the inherent risks and hazards. Begging has become a widespread profession in many developing countries.

Don’t Count Your Egyptian Chickens Before They Hatch!

It was amazing how many people tried to put a positive spin on the chaos in Egypt during the Arab Spring. What many people don’t realize is that not only was Egypt’s government taken out of power, but their entire economy was trashed. They were actually starting to develop a middle class, and provide jobs, as too many of the people who were quite poor that nation and they still are.

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