New Mexico senator undergoes surgery after stroke I GMA

An Open Letter To Family, Friends, Countrymen & Fellow World Citizens

This comes at a time that is of enormous importance to everyone in The world, and I want to express some of my thoughts as we progress forward. We have, fought, and continue to fight this Covid 19 crises. Our efforts have saved Millions of lives.

New Theory on the Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

A lot has been discussed in the public domain about the Bermuda triangle with many theories coming forward to explain its mysterious behavior. This article tries to see the Bermuda triangle from a totally different light.

How the Pathans Adopted the Shalwar Kameez

The Shalwar Kameez is a dress worn by North Indians. Originally it was worn by the people of Punjab. Hence it had the name “Punjabi dress”.

Nehru and Tibet: The Gordian Knot

hat is a Gordian knot? This is often used as a Metaphor used to signify an intractable problem that in real fact can be easily solved. The Indian prime minister Jawaharlal is guilty of tying himself in a Gordian knot and then doing nothing about it.

Pandemic Virtual Living: Human Compassion and Empathy!

Is this a deadly extension of the nuclear-family-living standards of modern times? Or is this going to be the culminating point of a digital or virtual living hastened by the Coronavirus pandemic?

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