Northeast residents digging out after nor’easter slams region I GMA

Why God Is So Upset With The World That It Is Being Destroyed

The confusion about climate change and global warming is such a far out debate that one must sit back and wonder at how man’s thinking is so far beyond reality. In Australia we have perfect weather to create all the power we need from the sun and wind. But are we doing that?

Why the World Is Waking Up and Why It’s Too Late to Change Anything

Most know how much room is needed to turn a ship around, especially a huge cargo carrier. They also know how much distance is required to stop a large freight train. These are only tiny vehicles in the world of which the planet is but one of billions in the universe.

Why Is the Truth Offensive to Some People?

Call me guilty of saying exactly how things are, which is not the best way of dealing with the sensitivities of others, but I believe in telling the truth. Doing the opposite defeats the purpose of uncovering the cause of our woes and the reason the world is in such dire straits. Lies and pretence are propping up a very sick World Order and we are all the victims of them.

The Five And A Half Solution

With the world teetering on the edge of darkness where global tensions continue to escalate the one resounding certainly is that every substance vital to modern day life as we have been so accustomed to will soon be enormously expensive. So expensive in fact that for millions of not only Americans but millions the world over, instead of progressing into the 21st century will be thrown backward. All the industrial staples that go into the technological advances that we are using right now are all becoming more valuable.

Government Fiscal Stimulus Program in India: Blessing or CURSE?

As per the current economic scenario in India it is evident that the government has been unable to maintain economic harmony, rather it has made a serious damage by eradicating people’s spending power. The manufacturing output is at its low and import-export are struggling at two year low. It is evident with the economic indicators that businesses are at its all time low and businessmen have lost confidence in bringing the money out in the market again.

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