On the front lines of Ukraine’s northern border

Cities Without Electricity

Networks which provide vital services – electricity, transportation, health, communications etc- are interdependent. If one becomes disrupted and fails the others will fail like falling dominoes, with terrible consequences.

The New Testament Is a Fake Document

Jerome was working to credit the religion founded by Constantine when he compiled and partly wrote the New Testament. The stories in it were gathered from around the empire and the most blatant was the copying of the life of Krishna as that of Christ.

Why Religious Discrimination Targets Women

Women are hurt constantly by men who believe they are little more than chattels to be tolerated but denied privileges. The world of 666 is governed by worship of the sun and moon that are worshipped as gods that supposedly passed down laws through the so-called prophets and false gods. It is time to see through the conspiracy and reveal the truth.

Emperor Constantine and Christian Roots

The world has been fooled by Constantine who established the Roman Catholic Church and invented Jesus Christ. Prior to 325 AD there was no such being and, therefore, no Christians before that time. That is supported in Revelation 13:13-18

Mother of God Is the Whore and Babylon the Great in Revelation 17

All that mattered to Emperor Constantine was power and control. He used the ancient Mother God as the Mother of God for his invented Savior, Jesus Christ. Then he forced everyone to worship it and used violence, persecution, torture and even death to help it survive. This is what Babylon the Great looks like and it bears the title of religion.

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