On Ukraine’s border as tensions escalate with Russia – BBC Newsnight

Effective Measures Against Terrorism in Pakistan

Terrorism is a radical issue at every part of the world which has disturbed the whole fabric of this civilization. The ideological foundation of terrorism is extremism. A unified and headstrong struggle is required to combat terrorism and extremism.

King Abdullah Is Dead

With King Abdullah dead, the rumour mill is awash with conjecture about what changes will come or not come due to a new king in Saudi Arabia. Will he change the kingdom’s stance on oil? Will he alter US relations? What about OPEC? What’s his stance on the cartel?

What Happened to Common Sense?

Common sense versus vested interests are glaringly obvious when one considers major events recently played out on the world stage. Illustrations in this article cites, freedom of speech, racial discrimination, obesity and war, all conveying huge disparity and invites us to ask the question “Who benefits from this?”

Russia, Ukraine, Europe, NATO – My Own Perspective

In international relations and the framework of realism there can never be an entirely satisfactory outcome from a situation without resorting to conflict. That route and destination is an outcome that nobody would look forward to in Europe, especially as we enter the 70th year since the last conflict between European states ended on that region’s territory. The people of Ukraine expressed a strong preference for their state to join the European Union in preference to reinforcing ties with Russia.

Airbrushing Israel Off The Map

We march for free expression in the face of violence. Yet self-censorship under subtler pressure happens all the time.

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