Parrot steals family’s GoPro

How News Articles Have Changed

Accept it – in an age where news spreads through social media like twitter, Facebook or other channels as fast as fingers can type, news articles are no more the primary source of learning breaking news, even though some articles may be classified in that category. Today’s news articles are more opinionated than journalistic, because the journalism gets published in real time through rss feeds and social media.

The Importance Of Acquiring A Press Accreditation From A Reputable Organization

You can easily get press passes by becoming part of a reputable media organization. All you need to be doing is to be actively involved in the media. You will gain a lot of exposure by joining these organizations because they have many benefits that they offer their members. Get to learn how you can benefit from being a member of IAPP and how you can build your career in the media by taking that first step.

Hidden Side of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was all at once an icon, a visionary, and pioneer. But, he was also human, and as such, it turns out that he was just as “complex” as the rest of us.

The Triumph of Seretse Khama

Many people know about Kwame Nkrumah, Rastafari, Mobutu and Julius Nyerere; but not that many people know about the African leader who’s had the most spectacular and most enduring success. His name is Seretse Khama. He was Botswana’s independence leader.

Has The Arab Spring Been Mislabeled for What Comes Next?

Is the Arab Spring (Arab Perennial) really about demanding democracy? It appears not, and to label it such is somewhat unjust. What it is, is a meltdown of society and massive civil unrest by the local inhabitance. Worse, it looks like there is a lot more to follow what we’ve seen so far. As society degrades into riots, protests, and tit-4-tat sectarian attacks between government military martial type law – one has to ask why things are not functioning well. The reality is, things have not been all that well for all of written recorded history in those regions.

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