Pentagon releases footage of deadly Kabul airport attack

Freedom Is Coming

Slavery is wrong, we all know that. But, slavery exists today. Not only are 27 million slaves all over the world, but also there are labor, sex and children slavery happening within miles of your home. Now is the time to get informed and to end it.

Reasons People May Buy International Flags

The flag of any country is extremely important. It is a symbol of recognition and is one of the things that set a country apart from the others. International flags are not only designs that are used to represent a country.

American Flags: Get To Know America’s History Told in Flags

America has a rich history that is told in many different ways, from history books to documentaries to movies and mini series. Every student of school age has gone through some history class or another, learning what has transpired through the past of the United States.

Emerging Markets and The African Continent Considered

It seems in the United States that everyone believes we need to help starving Africans. I believe that it is good to help these groups, but I don’t believe enslaving the minds of the people, I believe in helping them help themselves. It’s time for Africa to grow up, and get with the program, and perhaps enjoy a little free market capitalism. Capitalism brings people up and socialism brings people down. If the populations of those nations in Africa get to use to getting free food and being supported, we will make them lazy and weak, and that won’t be good for the 21st-century. Not for them, nor their offspring.

Let’s Discuss The Legacy of Hugo Chavez – No Let’s Not

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am quite bothered by how the media is playing the death of Hugo Chavez. I can understand if the media which is controlled by the government in Venezuela is making him out to be literally a Simon Bolivar reincarnated, and someone who will go down in the history of Latin America as one of the greatest leaders ever to have walked the planet. However, we in America know the truth, or we should, and I find it rather unnerving that are left-leaning media will promote Hugo Chavez’s name and protect his legacy into the annals of history.

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