Powerful winter storm system pushes into Northeast

Bible Lies and Collusion

With a bible full of lies inserted by men and altered to suit political figures for power and control it was extensive research that pointed the way to how this came about and why? The answers are shocking and the extent of deceit by religious leaders is appalling. The question is why are they still getting away with it?.

New Testament Authors

Religions have a lot to answer for when it comes to things like terrorism, discrimination, rape and murder. How genuine then are the books on which they claim their credibility? For some claiming to promote the way to heaven while promising many they will burn forever in hell they are themselves under scrutiny for concealing crimes and possibly for involvement in them.

Mali Development Prospects Dim Amid Uncertainty Within Donor Community Due To Crisis

The growing uncertainty within the donor community regarding the Mali crisis has serious implications for development prospects of this impoverished north-west African state. If the donor community is to resume development activities or commit to new development initiatives, a supportive international community must take advantage of the window of stability that may come with the French military intervention and move in quickly to help Mali establish a sustainable and inclusive democratic governance. The role of the African Union is this process is critical – donors and development agencies need to have confidence that efforts and initiatives are already underway on the ground by those who stand most to gain from sustainable stability in the region.

According to the Koran, It Is the Right of the Jews to Live in the Holy Land

According to Quran, Jews have the right to live in the Holy Land. Muslims that follow Quran respect and love their Christian and Jewish brothers.

Catholic Church Pedophilia by Priests

Pedophilia is rife in every country and priests are getting away with murder when children are so abused that suicide is the only option for many of them. Dealing with this crime in this organisation is becoming such a headache that it might just be the reason why Pope Benedict decided to resign as pope.

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