President Biden orders 3,000 troops to Eastern Europe I ABCNL

New York to Baghdad: A Dangerous Commute

New York is the home I return to, but Baghdad is the home where I was born. The commute between has proven to be a dangerous one.

The Place Of America In God’s Calendar (Part One)

We are here to look into the Nation of America, to explore, identify the strategic and prophetic agenda of God confered upon her. To examine the journey so far, encourage the upcoming generations the need to uphold the covenant and inheritance from the founding fathers. The flows of responsibilty invested in them, and to look for possible way forward with greater returns. One thing with God is if anyone submits himself to Him for a use, He will definitely use him beyond the person’s imagination. Likewise, if a community decides to come to God with a united spirit, He then unfolds His agenda for that generation.

Black Energy

In an age of technological marvels there have been always those that will use the technology developed to achieve diabolical and selfish ends. The obsession for more power, control, and wealth has been the greatest instigator of all the wars and acts of aggression all through-out history. As with all the good that technology has brought to mankind so too has great evil been unleashed.

How Europe Is Failing Humanity: Letter to Barack Obama

How Europe’s apathy towards migrant boat disasters is a scar on the conscience of humanity. Barack Obama can champion a global collaboration to end this unfolding tragedy. This essay is a call to action.

Remembering The Tooth-Puller

Tiradentes, “the tooth-puller,” was a Brazilian version of George Washington. But his story did not end nearly as well.

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