President Joe Biden delivers remarks on raid that killed ISIS leader

Global Famine

The world is nearing a crisis of epic proportions due to the continued depletion of food sources. Global Famine is set to ignite the world in war.

Cancel All Holidays!

All holidays cause some insidious angst and distress in the hearts and lives of many people so I’m calling for their abolition. I’m not the first person to notice the evil of holidays. Several years ago some private school in New York decided to exclude the celebration for Mother’s Day because some of the students didn’t have mothers.

A Protestant’s Open Letter to Pope Francis

This letter is written in anticipation of the pope’s being the probable head of a global government. It suggests a basis for stability of governments based on the Bible.

A False Choice Between Communism And Corruption

A post-communist Cuba need not resemble China or Russia. Slovenia and Lithuania, among others, offer better models.

Poverty and India

Everywhere you go around in India, you can see homeless people surrounding the streets. This made me wonder about how much really is India suffering from the poverty disease and here are the results.

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