President Joe Biden heads to New York to discuss gun violence spike across country l ABCNL

Albania – A Shootout at the Queen’s Birthday Party?

It was the first week in June 1998 in Tirana, Albania where the focus then was on the upcoming Queen’s Birthday Party, which I had been told I was to organise. Although I took the embassy lead with the organisation and logistics, all QBP’s are very much a team effort. Given the importance of this event, all staff in the embassy, from drivers right up to the Ambassador, have a role to play in putting together this, our showcase social occasion of the year.

Why Israel Must Defend Itself From The “Totality of Evil”

An account of the recent war Gaza and the continuing struggles for the Jewish state of Israel. Hamas’ blatant use of the media for continued propaganda against Israel.

Continuing Efforts to Rebuild Haiti

Last week I found myself walking through the streets of Haiti. I have come here often since the 2010 earthquake and every time I return, I see change and people doing everything they can to rebuild their lives and their beautiful country. In 2010, the 7.

Contrasting the Qur’an With the Bible: Which Is the True Holy Book?

Billions of Christians consider the Bible the basis of their faith, and billions of Muslims do the same for the Qur’an. Here’s a look at some basic differences in the two best sellers.

Yetunde Odugbesan Omede, An Excellent Leader of Positive Change and Great Influence!

One of the great leaders who have built her great influence to excellently pave an empowering future that the next generation is Yetunde Odugbesan. Yetunde Adeola Odugbesan is one that takes the lead! She has no doubt that it is her duty to smile upon others, inform and bring them to their feet to be supremely excellent of their kind.

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