Protest over vaccine mandates brings Canadian government to a standstill

Israel – The Real Story: The Facts That Don’t Make The Headlines

The problem with the international columns in our newspapers is that everything gets simplified. In a nutshell, simplicity sells. But when you take an issue as complex and multi-faceted as Israel and the Middle East, simplistic opinions are dangerous. That’s why we need to take the time to understand some of the facts that don’t make the headlines…

Washington Earmuffs

The reality of the pressure on NY Attorney General. Proposed bank settlement is paltry when compared to the amount of damage. Washington clowns will use up our credit.

Less Developed Countries and Foreign Aid

The reasons why developing nations have usually been eager to accept aid, even in its most stringent and restrictive forms, have been given much less attention than the reasons why donors provide aid. The major reason is probably economic.

How Habitat For Humanity Helps To Give An Aura Of Light To The Whole World

When I first heard the word “aura” I had to look it up in my dictionary to find it’s meaning. Here is what it said: ” Aura -a distinctive atmosphere, a luminous radiation.” Wow! Can you see how that definition fits the position; the aims, ideals and the feelings the citizens of the United States have about…

Sarajevo, City That Survived

Sarajevo, the capitol of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was the center of ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia between the years of 1992 through 1996. During this difficult time, the city almost vanished from the existence, but today, still stands proud, big, and beautiful.

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