Protests call for the end of ‘no-knock’ warrants after man killed by police

The Psychology Behind Riots and Looting: The August 2011 English Riots

Introduction Recent news of widespread rioting and looting in several English cities has shocked most people both in England and the rest of the world.  One widely reported video on TV was particularly disturbing and perhaps even more distressful to Asians, was that of the young Malaysian student, Ashraf Rossli, being helped up by several rioters only to be subsequently robbed by these same persons. The complete slow and methodical way these perpetrators opened his packsack and stole what they wanted revealed a complete lack of empathy for their victim.

The Latin American Affair

President Obama briefly mentioned a much needed free trade agreement with a couple of Latin American countries in his forceful message to Congress about jobs; such a deal with Colombia and Panama has not yet been approved by our legislature. This light reference to what used to be our primary backyard under the infamous Monroe doctrine has become a forgotten part of the world under both Bush and Obama.

The Story of Africa – What Does Africa Mean to You?

What do you think of when you think of Africa? Does you see people who are happy or sad? What story does the name Africa summon in your mind?

Protect Children Now

Children are the future of the world. Children are the hope of Nigeria. Children are tomorrow’s people. They are the new inspiration. Children, our joy, our pride, our future! Little wonder Nigerians celebrate the arrival of a child with pomp and pageantry. The child’s mother receives many gifts as more and more people gather to care and cook. Where the new baby’s parents’ can boast of wealth, the family rolls out drums to celebrate the bundle of joy. Different cultures have different ways by which they celebrate the best gift ever – children.

Mainstreaming Child Rights Issues

It is a known fact that those in the Nigerian corridors of power have no articulate plan for our children. Ask most of the elected officers what plans they have for children born last year who will in 4 years be expected to sign into primary education and they’ll send for their deputies who may likely send for their subourdinates and the masquerade dance comes alive. Okay ask an easier question, “How many spaces will be open in tertiary institutions by the end of the next school session and how many students leaving secondary schools are guaranteed a place?

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