Putin amasses troops and military hardware near Ukraine’s border

Biological Warfare in WW2: Unit 731

Biological Warfare is the act of using virus, bacteria or other biological agents to infect or kill a group of people. During World War 1 the worldwide consensus was that it would never be used in war. To most people the idea of biological weapons was ghastly and unthinkable; unfortunately not everyone had this view. General Shiro Ishii, chief medical officer of the Japanese army was one of these outliers.

Solution for Africa: Irrigate Sahara

Once again we are hearing about another African famine. This is happening at the time that many African countries, from Nigeria to Uganda, are recovering from their past mistakes and experiencing strong economic growth. This time, the famine is in the countries that are in the Sahara desert.

The West: The Fundamentals Are Not Being Fixed

The welfare state cannot be bailed out at the expense of the region’s future. Debt needs to be reduced and demographics need to be accounted for.

Japan – Untapping the Power of Women

Communities, businesses and economies with greater gender balance in decision-making structures thrive more than those without balance. Women in executive decision-making positions in Japan are rare and the economy is stagnating. So surely unleashing the untapped potential of their female workforce is in everyone’s interest?

Minotaur Labyrinth – Bringing Tourists to the Isle of Crete!

Minotaur labirynth that dates back to Minoan period (3000 years ago) has become a great tourist attraction! It welcomes international tourists who want to discover its long tunnels and get the glimpse of the old legendary place… The palace is situated on the isle of Crete, Greece, and is a witness of many historical events, cross-cultural battles, the memorial of ancient myths.

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