Queen backs Camilla to be Queen Consort on Jubilee – BBC News

What Is News Curation?

An introduction to new curation. What it is, how you can get involved, and what tools you can use.

Where To Find Unbiased News

How can you tell weather or not a news report is unbiased? And where can you find objective and unbiased news sources?

God Has a Fail-Safe Plan for Humanity: To Enter the Messianic Age, He Requires Three Actions From Us

This article was coauthored by my wife and soul mate Marcia from the spirit world. Whether we choose to believe or not believe in God, He will always ensure that society is never totally destroyed because He is offering us a chance at eternal life in the Messianic Age. We can be part of this future second Garden of Eden if we follow God’s three requirements during our life on planet Earth. These are: “For the Jews and others if they wish, follow the First and Second Commandments to recognize God as our One God and not worship idols; for all people, contribute funds and help build His future Third Temple so that He might again dwell among us and share His Covenant with us; and above all have truth, honesty, tolerance, and fairness in our heart and live a spiritual life.”

What Was the Real Cause of the 2012 Summer Earthquakes in Iran?

It is amazing the number of rumors flying around in Iran right now after the 2012 Summer Earthquakes. Some people are claiming that there was an underground nuclear test. Others are claiming that the Americans used their secret earthquake weapon on Iran, and still others bathed in Islamic fundamentalism believe they are being punished by their God. Okay so, do any of these conspiracy theories or concepts hold water?

Egypt’s New Islamic Republic Motif

During the Arab Spring when all the protesters came out in mass against the Egyptian government, people in the United States cheered. It was their contention that our social networks, along with the Twitter platform allowed people to communicate, organize, and stage incredible protests with hundreds of thousands of people. We saw this as “power to the people,” and democracy in action, or was it just a mass mob of hysteria with pent-up tension? Okay so let’s talk.

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