Queen Elizabeth asks for Camilla to be next queen consort I GMA

How to Reindustriailize the Western World: Science Cities

When certain countries rediscover the political will to engage in macro level high tech industry and infrastructure building, they should keep in mind a few simple things. Physical architecture to spur creativity and plug and play integrated chains from concept to industrial production.

China and North Korean Refugees in the Eyes and Lens of Katharina Hesse

Katharina Hesse is a Beijing-based German photographer whose transcendent images have graced the pages of Newsweek, TIME Asia, and Der Spiegel, one of Europe’s leading publications. There’s nothing shy about Hesse’s photographs, as they rarely appear posed. Their raw honesty tells a tale of stark, but often beautiful realities.

Navigating Through North Korea and China With Simon Cockerell and Katharina Hesse

There’s more to North Korea than what headlines would indicate, at least for Simon Cockerell and Katharina Hesse, two Beijing-based expatriate professionals whose projects often center around the isolated country, and bring them into contact with North Korean nationals. Hesse and Cockerell’s experience with North Korea are in some ways a study of contrasts. Through his work with Koryo Tours, Cockerell’s understanding of North Korea is one deepened by sympathy for long-time friends with whom he has worked together for years. Hesse’s work with North Korean refugees meanwhile brings a more somber perspective to the food shortage problems that are facing the DPRK.

A Focus On Burma And China Border – With Patrick Boehler of The Irrawaddy

To learn more about the changes that are sweeping Burma, AsianTalks spoke to Patrick Boehler, a Hong Kong-based contributor at The Irrawaddy, founded in 1993 by dissidents with an exclusive focus on Burma. Boehler maintained guarded optimism for Burma’s future, provided insight into Sino-Burmese relations, and expressed understandable admiration for his fellow Burmese journalists-in-exile who have played no small role in bringing about change. “I feel very privileged to contribute to a newspaper run by Burmese,” the soft-spoken Boehler noted. “Launching a journalism career is not easy anywhere right now, but it is probably still easiest in East and Southeast Asia. So a lot of people try to work here.”

FDA Inspections and China – Something Is Drastically Amiss Here, There, Heck, Everywhere

It seems every day we read about some of the challenges with the products made in China coming into the United States. Now we all know a couple of years ago we had some challenges with drywall which had improper chemicals in it, and toys which were painted with lead paint. We also know about the protein compounds which were fed to fish, and poultry, which was not FDA approved, ending up in the human food chain and on tables across America – quite problematic to say the least.

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