Race is on to reach sunken US plane… before China – BBC News

Young India – Time to Awake

A nation awakes with the awakening of its youth. Youth decides the upcoming future of its nation. India is a country of dreams. A place where dreams are turned into reality with honest efforts.

Tariffs And Trade Wars: Promises, Domestic, And International Risks/Ramifications

From time, to time, American Presidents, have determined, there was a need, and/ or necessity, to take stronger steps, and impose specific tariffs, because they deemed, it, essential, and important, for the well – being of the nation! Historically, there have been mixed – results, especially, in the longer – term. Never before, in recent history, have we witnessed, the imposition of non – specific, broader tariffs, as recently introduced, by the current United States President.

An Onslaught to Media Freedom

Media freedom is threatened, day and night. Our government remain silent on this. The obvious truth in this is that, once media freedom is threatened, all our human rights are basically threatened.

Germany Migrants

In 2015, the German government opened the borders of the country for migrants. The flow of migrants from Iraq, Syria and other countries of the Middle East flooded the country. Then, two years ago, the Germans cheered the migrants with joy.

People Who Are Making Pakistan Proud at a Very Young Age

The brighter side of Pakistan are its young achievers whose work and names are well recognized by the world. Some of them are as follows: Hamza Shahzad: Mohammad Hamza Shahzad, who is currently residing in the United Kingdom, earned the title of the youngest Microsoft professional at a very young age of 6, beating the record of late ArfaKarim. He made the nation proud by scoring a whopping 757 marks in the Microsoft Certification exam, in which 700 marks are required to pass the exam.

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