Rescuers work to rescue five-year-old who fell down a well – BBC News

Disasters at Christmas Are a Common Occurrence

With Christmas just a few short weeks away many are already planning the festival with a degree of gusto. It’s a time of get together and fun but it also brings tragedy and regret.

The Obama Administration And Foreign Policy

It seems something is amiss. We were told in 2008 that Barack Obama would do much better in international affairs, diplomacy, and foreign policy than John McCain. Personally, when I heard that, I felt that was a really reaching claim. However, the Junior Senator Barack Obama’s handlers did have some international business experience, George Soros for instance. Then we watched Obama tour Europe while campaigning – which I thought was troubling, as he was running for President of the United States of America, not the European Union.

Christianity Is an Invention of Constantine

The fact that he has got away with the worst crime ever is enough to make anyone angry. But people will possibly be more angry when they know the facts than with the cover up of the invention of Jesus Christ.

The Role of Menstruation in Discrimination Against Women

Many men deny women because of an act of nature. It is time that the world woke up to the pain and frustration many women endure in the name of religion or cultural practices. It is intended to hide their ‘unclean’ state from the world.

Spiritual Healing Is Power From God

Miracles are rarely highlighted while actions by people like the Pope, who has never brought healing to anyone, are praised and lauded over. The real God, the Spirit of the Universe, is hidden by the false idols and forms of worship that deliver people into a state of ignorance.

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