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Current Comment: Why Not Fill Australia?

Recent news reports suggest that the Government of Australia has the world’s most aggressive policy toward immigrants. It has established detention camps in Papua New Guinea and may have actually paid people smugglers to take their human cargos elsewhere. Yet Australia is a vast empty continent with an area of over seven and a half million square kilometres and a population of less than twenty four millions. Only Mongolia and Namibia have lower population densities. Surely, the one place on earth that can accommodate Asia’s overflowing millions is Australia!

Helping Pope Francis to Help the Poor

Summary: With probably trillions in gold, Pope Francis has a good idea about sharing the wealth. Would he be willing to set a good example and say, “Follow me”?

A Global Awakening Is Occurring Now

Conspiracy Theory or Common Sense? A global awakening is occurring now. We see it everywhere, along with the need for a massive wake-up call. Most of us humans are driven by our fear-based beliefs of separation, which form into our collective consciousness. This message is a channeled communication from the spirit of Jesus and it speaks of a unique space in time when God will no longer allow our spiritual stagnation. This is an historic moment in which we must all make a conscious decision. Shall we allow ourselves to become more controlled by a governing body, which is quickly leading us all to a more enslaved way of living? Is this “New World Order” of a “One-World Government” truly a potential reality? And if so, is there any realistic alternative? According to Jesus and the angels, yes, there is a better way. There is a better way out and a better future ahead for all who choose it. The author asks you to consider the solutions within this message with an open mind and an open heart. Then, you have a decision to make!

Where Has The BBC Gone?

The British were brought up to be proud of the BBC as the world’s most trusted news broadcaster, widely respected for speaking objectively, free from both political control and commercial interest. So it is with shock and heartfelt disappointment that we have witnessed the sorry and accelerating decline in standards over the past two decades. From being a leading independent broadcaster it has sunk to the level of a second-rate commercial operator, no longer an object of pride and in danger of becoming a cause of shame. Why has this been allowed to happen?

Making Volcanoes Out of Molehills

Looking back, there seems to have been a time, perhaps apocryphal, when everybody took it for granted that all states spied on all other states, and peace was maintained by nothing being said about it. Under these conditions, all that appeared in the newspapers about espionage was an occasional review of an Ian Fleming novel. In recent times, this universal tranquillity has been shattered by the eruption of internet hackers feeding an already voracious international news media. Now we are told by a fugitive sheltering in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and wanted by jurisdictions in Sweden and the USA, that ‘The French people have a right to know that their elected government is subject to hostile surveillance from a supposed ally.’

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