Sarah Palin under fire for dining at NYC restaurant after positive COVID test l GMA

Is the Earth Too Far Gone for People to Worry About It?

The answer to that question is probably yes? The weather patterns alone are proving it. While the earth is warming everything is thrown out of sync.

Things You Need To Consider Before Choosing an Immigration Consultant

Everyone has a dream of going abroad at some point of time in his life. Be it of any generation, a college going student or a middle aged man. Everyone wants to make that drastic change in their lives so that they can keep aside all that has happened in the past and start afresh.

Why Young Men Starved of Sexual Pleasure Are Encouraged to Die to Obtain It

It’s not for a female to get inside the mind of a young man starved of sexual pleasure once his body hits puberty, but there are studies to go on. Nature takes him on a journey of requiring a mate to satisfy his urges. Testosterone is a driving force for procreation purposes.

Rising Conflicts in Israel

It is a fact that the conflicts in Israel are directly related to the religious intolerance of one side to the other. Muslims and Jews both claim they have biblical rights to the region. The question is why and how can it be resolved?

The Paths Toward War

With tensions mounting the world today is a tinder box where at any moment a spark of threatening rhetoric could ignite the flames of destruction that would engulf the world. The rhetoric coming from Trump has made it clear that our President is hell bent on provoking retaliatory responses from North Korea. Today, there is no justification to the antagonistic approach that our infamous President is forging.

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