Singer Joni Mitchell wants songs off Spotify in Covid row – BBC News

Protecting America From Foreign Interference: 5 Keys

While the past year, has been somewhat consumed, with a large degree of political issue, rhetoric, and promises, as well as accusations, most objective observers, as well as nearly every intelligence agency, has stated, there was, at the very least, a concerted effort, by a foreign nation and/ or nations, to interfere, in our elections. In addition, it’s more recently been reported, many essential components of our infrastructure, including our energy grid, etc, have also, been hacked. Unfortunately, far too much energy, has been spent on, assigning blame, and pointing figures, and not enough, on preventing foreign interference, into the…

Another Way to Expand the Territory

The European Union plans to expand its borders. This is the name of the article on the news website “Financial Times”. It is reported that the EU intends to offer membership in the organization at once to 6 countries of the Balkan Peninsula in order to cope with the migration flow and other problems.

On the Impending Deportation of Migrants: An Epistle to Pope Francis

An appeal to Pope Francis for his intervention in the matter of migrants ( especially those from Africa). As Europe and America begin mass deportation of migrants to Africa, this article appeals to the higher ideals of people of faith to show compassion and empathy towards migrants; and above all to halt the deportation.

Between Scylla & Charybdis

Politics is choosing between the lesser of the two evils. But the lesser evil should also be the better evil.

Migrant Crisis: Is Europe In An Abusive Relationship?

For a while now, there has people who have said about the no-go zones have been forming around Europe. However, although some people have been willing to listen to what these people have had to say, there have been others that haven’t.

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