Snow coats St. Joseph lighthouses in Michigan

The Platter of Menu Options for Middle East Crisis

The global advertisement on Palestine plight by con-artists and propagandists melts the weeping hearts of liberals and sympathizers; Hamas is now joyfully celebrating his killings of Zionists. On the eve of the celebration, Hamas’s armed wing, Izzadin Kassam, published statistics about its “martyrs” and terrorist attacks over the past 24 years. According to the figures, Hamas killed 1,365 Israelis and wounded 6,411 others, while it lost 1,848 of its men.

The Norwegian Versus the American Healthcare System

America’s history is rooted so deeply in freedom of choice to either win or lose in one’s economic decisions. This can be epitomized by so many early Europeans coming to the New World in search of a new life, many of which had very little wealth in terms of personal property or education, but eventually pioneered much of the American wilderness creating farms, small communities, and big cities. From the earliest Americans that came to Jamestown Virginia to the more recent immigrants coming through Ellis Island, many of these Americans have argued for less government intervention in their lives and created a culture that keeps the government from controlling everyday choices like gun control to even universal healthcare. Even today, America does not even have a universal healthcare system, even though many other industrial nations do.

A 7-Step Winning Formula for Public Sector Innovations

Creative Public Governance is concerned with the conduct of governments at all levels to bring the best possible benefits to their citizens and to fulfil their responsibilities as members of the global community. I coined the term Creative Public Governance to define a system of government administration that embraces and introduces innovations to enhance the quality of life of the people using minimum resources for maximum lasting impact. It focuses on what to achieve rather than what to prevent.

The Ten Countries With the Most Incidents of Terrorism

Read the list of countries with the most terrorist attacks. These hot spots include Russia, Colombia and countries in Africa and the Middle East.

The United Nations In Action: Global Warming, Global Fleecing, Global Revamping

In the wake of the second expose’ within two years that revealed the lies behind man-made global warming/climate change, instead of backtracking and conceding the facts, the United Nations went on the offensive by drafting a treaty at Durban to further milk the Western world by requiring us to compensate the rest of the planet for our rudeness toward “the rights of Mother Earth.”

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