Some long Covid patients may have hidden damage to their lungs – BBC News

Solutions for Poverty

Poverty is the one of those things which is most common worldwide. We should work against it by making a little donations.

Growing Trend of Child Labor in Pakistan

I would define child labour as an illegal employment of children in some business or work. It may also be defined as a work that is forbidden for children under certain age because of the detrimental nature and unacceptable conditions of the work.

Middle East Strategies: 4 Approaches – Strengths And Weaknesses

Since the inception of the State of Israel, 70 years ago, and even before that, the Middle East has often posed, some of the greatest challenges, and international threats. To date, no one strategy, has fully achieved, the necessary objective, which should be, an enduring, lasting peace. Various American Presidents have attempted to use a variety of approaches, and while some provided a degree of greater security, the tensions have consistently persisted!

The Hidden Truth

They have always said that history repeats. As the United States continues to fall into disgrace with Trumpism being the order of the day it should come to no surprise to begin to see the similarities of what took place in Germany in the 1930’s and what is taking place today. By order or decree Trump and the Republicans have already set in motion and by design directives that will be one of the most insidious objectives our government has planned in our nations history.

China, India and the Leadership of Asia

The world is a dynamic place and nothing is static. Nations produce leaders who make their countries great and some do not have the vision and let their countries down. A classic example is China and India in Asia.

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