Spain’s cost of living crisis – BBC News

Review of Madeleine Albright’s Book Fascism: A Warning

I have known about Fascism for quite a while. When I opened this book I realized that I did not quite understand what it was, where it came from or its dangers to democratic society. Fortunately, Albright answered all these questions for me including her caution about the implications of Fascism for our future.

The Queen – Why So Popular?

The Queen continues to enjoy a high approval rate from the British people. Is this because of her function as monarch, her conduct, or her deeper values?

The Bahamas At 45: 5 Lessons We Should All Learn

On July 10, 1973, the Islands of the Bahamas, became an independent nation, while, also, remaining, as a part of the British Commonwealth. The nation began, with limited finances, etc, and little infrastructure. However, it also, fortunately, began with a focus, vision, goals, priorities, and somewhat, visionary leadership.

Staying Calm and Educated in an Angry World

In a world full of political turmoil, staying calm and dealing with proven facts, not hearsay, helps us all to cope better. Looking beyond the news into history, psychology and biographical facts gives us important clues on who to trust.

Let’s Close Our Ranks

This is a word of encouragement to my people the (Bachama tribe) and the Numan Federation to unite against the forces that are trying to disintegrate them and to cause disharmony and also to stand against their oppressors. It is vital to note that, without unity, as a tribe we will be doomed. As we face external aggressors, we cannot afford to have internal aggressors and expect to win the war. Let’s unite. We may have different opinions on some issues but we can always disagree to agree.

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