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Anti-Semitism in the UK

There was a day, long ago when with other families we were all walking one bank holiday in the countryside. The sun was shining, and the children were happy and running on the narrow rural roads.

Accounting Implication of a Global Financial Crisis

The term ‘Global Financial Crisis’ means economic scarcity where there exists a continuous drawback against strategic economic growth in the world. The backgrounds with regard to the crisis had been reported in business journals for many months before September 2008, with the emphasis about the financial stringency of U.SA and world investment banks, insurance firms and mortgage Securities Companies consequent to the sub prime business crisis. Introducing with some evil critics against the business failures predominated by misapplication of risk controls for bad debts, col-lateralization of debt insurance and fraud, large financial institutions in the United States and other countries in the world had faced a credit crisis and a slowdown in economic activity.

The Last Fascist Dictator of Europe

Fascism is a philosophy that is as old as history. It really means that when there is chaos in society then the government must take over with an Iron hand. This theory of Fascism comes down to modern times from the Roman era.

Why Supporting Allies Should Be A National Priority: 5 Examples

Perhaps, because of the advances in technology, including computers, the Internet, and the necessity of cyber – security, or, perhaps, because of the development, of so many, possible, weapons of mass destruction, etc, there may be, more need, than ever, on strategic alliances, etc, than ever! In today’s, often – threatening, disconcerting, times, wouldn’t it make sense, if our leader’s focused on becoming, even stronger allies, with our historical friends, and those, closest to sharing our common views, regarding freedoms, liberties, etc? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, and review, 5 examples, of why…

The Annual Ramadan Rampage

We are bombarded from all corners of the globe about Islam being the religion of peace. Yet each year, during Ramadan, we read of violence from all quarters of the earth perpetrated by followers of Islam. Why is that? Take a brief tour around the world of headlines and decide for yourselves.

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