Ten Ways to Give Your Subscriptions a Boost

1. Swap an advertisement
Advertisements that you have tested and proven to work in obtaining more subscribers should be used.
Because you have already tuned your commercials before they are swapped, you will get more reaction.
2. Write articles.
This will allow you to attract more subscribers to your e-zine who enjoy your writing and are interested in the topics you write about.
Three. Swap a piece.
You can switch out special articles or swap one from all your reprint articles.
Four. Swap a “thanks” page advice.
Your ezine’s other publisher will help you get more subscribers.
Only recommend ezines that offer valuable content to their subscribers. It is not necessary to get off to a bad start by recommending something substandard.
Five. Send a recommendation to your friend.
You can swap your advice with a publisher who gives you an advantage and sends it to you in her welcome message.
Her new subscribers might be looking for the bonus in her welcome email. This could give your e-zine additional exposure.
6. Swap an ebook advertisement or advice
Not only will you get more subscribers but also make money by sharing other ebooks.
7. Promote your ezine on the back of your business cards.
You’ll be able to permit your “actual global” customers and prospects understand about your e-zine.
Through the many networking events you participate throughout the year, you will also be able to get more signal u.S.A.
8. Include an ad in the e-zine with your brochures and catalogs.
It will make it easy for your customers to understand about your ezine.
A request for your brochure or catalog will help you get new subscribers.
9. Add testimonials to your ezine.
Post testimonials on your website to increase subscriptions.
10. Purchase e-zine marketing.
Your e-zine will be seen by people who are interested in your ads.
It is also a good option to purchase e-zine advertisements if you don’t yet have enough subscribers.


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