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A New Way To Miscarry Justice

It’s hard to fathom the depths we would reach if we lowered ourselves to the level of Russian jurisprudence. Anyone who has paid attention to Russia under Putin won’t be surprised to find little justice in their justice system.

China and the Role of Oil in High Food Prices Globally

Food prices began to rise in 2006 due to the high prices of basic foods and grains coupled to the rise in oil. For that reason a lot of people living in poverty have experienced more hunger. These price increases are due to three main factors: increased demand from developing countries like China, the utilization of corn to create ethanol, along with the increased cost of fossil fuels. This article will discuss if China has a large role on these high food prices, what is the main cause of increasing prices, and how that affects a family’s financial picture.

East Meets West – Can World Problems Be Alleviated?

Ingenuity can be leveraged in conjunction with wisdom. Science is important, but we must balance science with wisdom, both for the sake of personal happiness as well as for the sake of the Earth and all its inhabitants.

What Turkey Is Doing: Perceptions to Reality

Being aware of dangerous and utopist sights of any kind of determinism is very important to avoid from “enshrined truths” like progressivism, positivism or rulings based on the rights given by God. There is no “universal rule” shared by all humanity, and it is valid for Turkish community too. Whatever you believe in and which party you are positioning yourself in, everything is based on consensus, even in your family.

Muslim Hatred and Military Misconduct

A frequent refrain is that Muslims hate America for its freedoms. While there is undoubtedly a large Muslim constituency that hates freedom of any kind, there is another contributing factor to these people’s hatred. The main contributing factor is this: The behavior of American military personnel while they are in those countries.

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