Texas hit with power outages, ice as winter storm moves north

Hidden Beauty – The History Of Haiti

I was a college teacher in Haiti for 23 years, and currently am doing humanitarian activities helping children at my orphanage at my personal home in Haiti, the Future Of Haiti Orphanage. This is an uncommon version of the history of Haiti. Not your normal textbook version. The true story of Haiti from a humanitarian point of view.

Miss Tiffany, a Good Son

Although still old fashioned in many ways, Thai society has long accepted – even embraced – its lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgendered (LBGT) communities. And unlike many Western or allegedly more modern nations, Thais rarely discriminate or ridicule. People who have chosen alternative lifestyles are acknowledged, some might say cherished, by their country.

When Kissing Cousins Aren’t So Cute

Appropriately calling it “the elephant in the room”, Woolas was careful to point out it was the “Pakistani community” – who just happen to be largely Muslim. Despite choosing his words carefully, Woolas, who served previously as Race Relations minister, has sparked a controversy amongst British Muslims.

In Pakistan, a Dark Trade Comes to Light

Prostitution in the Islamic nation of Pakistan, once relegated to dark alleys and small red-light districts, is now seeping into many neighborhoods of country’s urban centers. Reports indicate that since the period of civilian rule ended in 1977, times have changed and now the sex industry is bustling.

Philippine Support for Japanese Rearmament: What It Means for Asia and the World

A Philippine foreign minister has stated that the Philippines would strongly “support a rearmed Japan as a counterweight to what it sees as a Chinese provocation.” In an interview with the Financial Times, Philippine Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario that if Japan should chose to remove the inhibiting clause in its constitution restraining it from remilitarizing, they would be fully supported by the Philippine government. Tensions have been mounting in the region, as smaller countries such as the Philippines band together to confront what has been perceived as aggressive Chinese expansionary tactics.

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