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To: Future Historic Preservationists, From: Today

The protection of our nations history is something that strengthens us in every aspect, grand and local. What happens when current preservationists and their efforts need to not only pass along our history through the tangible buildings they saved but also through the next generation of preservationists?

Romney, Iran and The Bible Code

Many Americans may recall The Bible Code, a book by Michael Drosnin suggesting messages of importance from Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS) in the Hebrew torah (writings of Moses) and other Bible passage matrices when analyzed by computer. Drosnin found a code relating to the future assassination of Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and sent a warning to Rabin before the fact. (Wikipedia) The odds of finding such information by chance has been published in mathematical articles as less than one in a million.

Could Syria Start WW3?

Many commentators have warned of the risks that the civil war currently taking place in Syria could spread to become a wider conflict. But how far could it spread? Could it spread far and wide enough to start WW3? This article addresses those questions.

Criminal Science

Seismic forecasting is an imprecise art. An Italian court still sent six scientists to prison for missing an impending earthquake.

The Cutbacks Are Beginning to Bite

The effects of the cutbacks are once again headlining our news. The results of the budgets and staff being cut from our hospitals will have a terrible effect and we are already beginning to see the repercussions.

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