Ukraine crisis: China throws support behind Putin, Russia

Hope Versus History Following A Strongman’s Death

There are plenty of good reasons to hope that the death of Chavez will bring constructive new direction to his beleaguered nation. Unfortunately, history does not provide many good reasons to expect this sort of welcome change, at least any time soon.

Is North Korea a Real Threat?

These days I believe international relationships has become, and is becoming a concern is is more likely going to effect people on an individual sense. When it comes to international affairs I’ll be the first one to admit guilt to having the “I don’t care because it won’t affect me” attitude, but I feel that altitude needs to be placed in history. Specifically now with North Koreas threat of nuclear attack it begs the question to what is bluff, what is true intentions and desire, and what is the ability for them to make good on a promise.

Penny Wise, Euro Foolish

The eurozone undermined its own banking system in order to squeeze a few pennies out of bank depositors in Cyprus. Europe will pay a price.

India Vs Pakistan: The Eternally Fighting Neighbors!

India Vs Pakistan-a malignant match that never ends. Does the future hold the key? Maybe… maybe not.

Asia in the New Decade: Dealing With International Uncertainty

Over the past decade, the Asian continent has been at the center of media and international attention. A huge percentage of deployed British, French and US armed forces are now based in Asia. Across the middle east, we’ve seen an almost domino-like effect with the uprisings and revolutions; some regimes that have been dominating for decades were toppled in the space of a single year.

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