Ukraine crisis: Pentagon deploys more troops amid Russia standoff

World Leaders Face Difficult Issues That They Cannot Resolve

Leaders face one major crisis after another because we are nearing the end of the day of the lord. The time allotted for man to do his worst was just 4,000 years in which he had free reign to set up his religions and guide the world to disaster. While most pray to their false gods and idols the damage they have caused is bringing all things to an end.

Why Mt Sinai and Moses Are Based on Fiction

Kings and emperors were about tricks and how to get people under their rule acting in a compliant manner. Religion was the most convenient way to accomplish it and the roots of all religions are in Babylon. The formula presented there was Islam and that is the same as with all faiths born of it.

The Overpopulation Dilemma and the Impending Last Days

Big families are an issue in many places as the population soars to unsustainable levels. This is particularly true where religions like the Catholic and Muslim faiths are in charge of people’s beliefs. The concept that one must have as many children as possible is actually an order from God because we are in the last days.

Money and 666 Runs the World and the World Order Is Based on It

This is not news as everyone knows it. Without money nothing happens and if one has no money they are usually in poverty and treated as out-casts. One must work to make it or else have a very good way of extracting it from those who do have it.

America Is Obviously Facing The Wrath of God

While tensions over migrants and the economy are sending many Americans into a panic there is a general feeling that the country is out of favour with God. Many are asking why it wouldn’t be so. A look at what is really happening and what its businesses are doing speaks loud and clear.

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