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Brexit: British or European?

According to the laws of most countries, one gains one’s nationality from the country of one’s birth, and this is certainly the case in the UK. Anyone born in the UK is accorded British citizenship, irrespective of their parents’ nationality, although this may confer additional citizenship rights. Thus, those born in the UK before 1973, when the UK joined the European Economic Community, held British citizenship. For many, however, that momentous event brought a new sense of citizenship and personal identity: they became Europeans. And many of those born in the UK after 1973 have grown up feeling themselves to be, first and foremost, Europeans. Now with Britain leaving the EU, people must decide where their emotional allegiance lies and for many this presents a painful choice.

The Biafran Recruiters: A Tale From the Nigerian Civil War

Oderah Monday, January 08, 1968. At five o’clock in the morning, Oderah, nearly six years old, had been awake for a while. Sandwiched between Kenko and Bartholomew, on a narrow, handcrafted bamboo mat, he reexamined the ceiling, and stared repeatedly at the blank walls.

Bring the Catholic Church to Justice and Reveal Its Lies

Sexual abuse by men in power is engaging the media in Australia due to the high-profile case soon to be coming into court against the number 3 official at the Vatican. Without going into his case the facts are that many priests are already in jail as they are guilty of ruining the lives of hundreds of children. Some of their victims have committed suicide.

Africa’s Underdevelopment: Who Is Responsible?

According to the externalists, Europe should be blamed for the economic backwardness of Africa. However, this paper shall lean towards the internalist paradigm which asserts that the economic, political and technological stagnation of Africa, can only be traced to Africa. Indeed, Africans underdeveloped Africa.

Indo-Japan Relations on a ‘Bullet’ Ride

The article talks about the recently concluded Indo-Japan Annual Summit. It discuss the outcome of this meeting and reviews the present relation between these countries.

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