US East Coast blanketed by ‘bombogenesis’ snowstorm – BBC News

Poverty in Africa, a Major Global Concern

Poverty in Africa does not only refer to the lack of luxuries and fine things that the people of developed and many developing nations possess today, but the situation in Africa is way deeper and uglier than what one suspects it to be. Poverty in Africa in its truest sense means, even the lack of basic amenities such as clean drinking water, sanitization and enough food to survive. As a fun fact, an average European citizen earns three times of what an average African does by burning all his sweat, blood and with it, the dreams of a better life.

The Future of Syria

A peaceful uprising against president of Syria seven years ago has turned into a full-scale civil war. Protesters in Syria demanded the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad. The people demanded political and socioeconomic changes, fair election.

Concepts of International Peace

Peace has long been among humanity’s greatest values–for several, supreme value. Peace within any price. The most disadvantageous peace is actually much better compared to the most simply war. Peace is much more critical than all justice.The best unjust peace is probably better than the justest war which was actually waged. There never was an excellent war or maybe a terrible peace. Nevertheless, we agree little bit on what’s peace. Probably the most popular (Western) perspective can be as an absence of war, violence, or dissension. Significance discovered in the brand new Testament and perhaps an initial significance of the Greek word for peace, Irene.

What Made the Hindu Code Bill So Important for Ambedkar?

The article is based on the compilation of the speech by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar during course of proceedings of the Hindu Code Bill by Sharmila Rege. Ambedkar gives the salient points of the Hindu Code Bill. Those were the times in India when atrocities on women were rampant and inequalities between men and women had reached its zenith

Domestic Players and the Sustainable Development of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry

INTRODUCTION – The Nigerian oil and gas industry is the primary source of revenue for the government and has an industry value of about $20 billion. It is Nigeria’s main source of export and foreign exchange earnings and as well a major employer of labour. A combination of the crash in crude oil price to below $50 per barrel and post-election restiveness in Nigeria’s Niger-Delta region resulted in the declaration of force majeure by many international oil companies (IOC) operating in Nigeria.

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