US says Russia in position to invade Ukraine which the Kremlin denies | GMA

Canadian Citizenship New Rules 2017

After reading this article you will be able to understand why Bill C-6 Canadian Citizenship is important for immigrants? what is Bill C-6?? Bill C-6 is an amendment bill passed by Canadian Senate which gives relaxation to the foreign nationals living in Canada under permanent resident status, who want to further apply for Canadian citizenship.

Slavery Is Still Raising Riots In The USA And Elsewhere

It’s an appalling indictment on the white race that the people of Africa, America, and Australia, to name but a few of the countries involved, were suppliers of slaves so that white people could grow rich. There is no better way of putting it. Over and again the stories of raiders decimating black or coloured families to seize people to bring them money on the slave market sicken me to the core.

The Three Principles on Which 666 Based His Power Over the World

The man with the number 666 was a Roman Caesar, named Constantine, and he was one of the worst murderers and dictators of all time. Most think of this person as the devil, and he was close to what that entity portrays. What is not known is how he runs the world with God’s help.

Know the History of Mother’s Day

Undoubtedly, no one can replace a mother. They have a key role in maintaining not just the family but themselves and their work life too. Her capabilities are insurmountable. Her dedication is unmatched. And that is why, acknowledging her efforts and honouring her on at least a day (Mother’s Day) is something everyone should do.

To Remove the Poverty of India and the World

A proposal to remove the poverty of the India and the World with government intervention. A humanitarian approach to poverty elimination.

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