US troops land in Poland

Visiting London in 2012: Interested in Chinese Culture and Martial Arts?

One-to-one Kung fu training with Grandmaster Yap Leong (in ‘Chinatown’ in Little Newport Street) on a regular basis means I have spare time to shop and see some of London’s sights. London visits in 2012 for those interested in Chinese Martial Arts, Culture and Feng Shui etc. for business, pleasure and for the Olympics can be enjoyed even more with some insider knowledge.

The Shocking Truth About Our Species

We appear to have become a selfish, self centred population who exist on this planet we call Earth. When did you last genuinely care about what happens to someone in some far off country? It’s time we reflected on our own personal motives and the way we are living this thing called life.

1952 – The Last Change of Monarch

1952 is a stand out year in the British calendar. It was the year that Gene Kelly was happily ‘Singing in the Rain’ while Jimmy Boyd had the unfortunate boyhood memory of seeing something he shouldn’t have. He penned the tune ‘I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus’ afterwards! It was also the year that Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth.

Why Do Most People Not Believe That a Snake Can Eat a Woman?

Large snakes found in certain parts of the world can swallow humans whole. You not believing it does not change the facts.

Refuting the Idea of Taliban

Taliban is regarded as an idea; which means that truly confronting the Taliban means confronting their ideology. The idea behind the Taliban is something like this: America and Israel are evil, and Muslims should destroy America and Israel and take over the world to make the whole world follow sharia. This idea can be highly contagious, and it is important that it be confronted at the idea level and in so doing reduce the need for military action.

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