US unemployment rate increased slightly to 4% up from 3.9% in December

Mother of God or Mother God

There is no way that the Creator of everything could have a mother. This is a simplistic idea born of the Emperor Constantine who established the Roman Catholic Church and who had to keep the Mother God in it. He simply changed her to Mother of God which could never be right.

State Run Capitalism – Is It Causing Chaos in International Markets?

Many applaud China’s move towards capitalism and away from communism, but in reality that is not a fair assessment of what is happening. China is still run by the communist party and although they’ve allowed some freedom to their merchant class, they still keep a tight lid on the power base using many trick of the communist trade – censorship, heavy-handed punishment, and absolute centralized control exercised as needed. If you are in with the right group, you had an e-ticket to prosperity, but if and when the tides change, things can seem rather arbitrary – you never know where you stand.

New Testament Is Recycled Islam

The ancient Islamic religion of Babylon went into Assyria and Egypt and was taken to Italy by the Amor’s. They built the city of Roma and the reverse of that name is Amor. One of their descendants was Constantine and he is named in the bible as 666. He established Christianity through the Council of Nicaea.

Emperor Constantine Is Identified As 666 But He Worked for God

Religion is powerful when people are brainwashed into it and that is pretty much all they believe. But no man is powerful enough to introduce a system that has ruled the world for two millennium unless God is at the helm.

Refugees – The Other Side of The Coin

This article is about several experiences during my last trip to Africa. I traveled very extensively in East and West Africa as a consultant for solid waste management projects. I hoped to improve the quality of the lives of the African people by completing several projects to assist them with waste management, however, I was consistently concerned and even shocked by the conditions that people had to face in Africa, such as frequent displacement as refugees and the epidemic of AIDS. I like to write often about my experiences and have written specifically about these problems in Africa.

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