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Spicing It Up In Spanish Harlem: The Puerto Rican Way – Part 2 Of A 4 Part Series

Puerto Ricans are established as a large part of American society in today’s world, but like many ethnic groups in America, they struggled and worked hard to find their place in the United States. While today, Puerto Ricans make a proud, strong cross section of Americana, their story is quite unique and interesting. In part 1 of this 4 part series we studied the history of their early migration and the lineage of Spanglish, a merging of the English and Spanish language unique to Puerto Rican Americans. In this, part 2 of the series, we examine the growth of Puerto Ricans in American society throughout U.S. History.

Spicing It Up In Spanish Harlem: The Puerto Rican Way – Part 4 Of A 4 Part Series

Puerto Ricans have helped build this great country over the past few hundred years. They are as much a part of American history as any ethnic group, minority or majority. In this, the last of a 4 part series on the history of Puerto Ricans in America and New York City, we examine the rich, distinguished, revered traditional culture of the Puerto Rican people as it has adapted over the years.

Spicing It Up In Spanish Harlem: The Puerto Rican Way – Part 3 Of A 4 Part Series

In this 4 part series, we examine the history of an important part of the American population, the Puerto Rican community. In part 1, we examined the early history of the migration of Puerto Ricans to America. In Part 2, we examined the struggles of the Puerto Rican community as they assimilated themselves into the American way of life. In this, part 3, we examine the culture of Puerto Ricans as they adapted to the American way of life.

Magical Money Can’t Fix Europe’s Banks

Europe’s financially strapped banks are finding new cash – in their own spreadsheets. Regulators should stop the smoke and mirrors.

Cultural Imperialism

Change takes place on daily basis, and whenever this happens, people’s lives are affected one way or the other. Right from our mothers’ wombs, we are all affected by the word “change.” As a result of this change, the world is growing into a huge family with all the people in different countries, knowing about, sharing and caring for one another. This occurs as a result of people copying what they see others do, especially when they watch television and films. Human beings learn new things from the radio, especially from news reports and stories. They also learn by travelling to other lands to see how the people there live. They imitate what they read in books, magazines and newspapers about other countries that they think are more developed than them.

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