What do Russians make of Ukraine tensions? – BBC News

Toyo Tyres and Leicester City Football Club Surprise the World

Two successful, amazing and well-known teams came together to make history with their success. Toyo Tyres has supported Leicester City Football Club for many years and now celebrates their victory.

Is America Headed for Conflict With the World Order

The Republican Convention is a sign of the conflict ahead if Donald Trump becomes President. With past leaders and many in the party strongly opposed to his appointment as their candidate there is nothing they can do about it. His speech at the meeting sizes up how he will treat the world if he achieves this high office.

International Tourism in India

With the visa regime becoming more liberal and adding of the facility of visa on arrival for the citizens of certain countries, the international tourists arriving in our country are poised to grow at a very good pace. Traditionally, Indian hospitality, cuisines and the divergent culture have been bolstering our image as the most sought after destination for the foreign travellers. The tourist departments of many Indian states have set up their stalls for canvassing their culture and showcasing their crafts to people. Therefore, the foreigners visiting our country are pampered with more opportunity to mix up with Indian people. That is the reason why even the international tourism has seen an upward swing in our country. In this article, we would be seeing the general scenario of International tourism in India.

When Children Are Bombed and a Country Destroyed by a Dictator

A recent report by a doctor in Syria showed what it is like to live with hell raining down 24/7. In the hospital in which he worked most of the front of the building was gone and inside the emergency department were little children whose faces were bleeding and whose little bodies were damaged. One little boy whose face was so badly bruised it was swollen and almost hiding his features as the report told of how he watched as his siblings and mother died beside him.

The World Is Under the Rule of 666

When one looks around at what the world is and of the hell that many are now going through they wonder why? The facts are that we are under the rule of 666 who established the World Order. He was a brutal, dictatorial, and murderous Roman Emperor with the power to deceive and force everyone to follow his religion and his laws.

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