What to know about Groundhog Day

The Assam Movement 2.0!

Assam, a state of the North Eastern India, is up again with a mass movement against the provisions of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) which implies granting citizenship on religious grounds. Numerous petitions from students, advocates, intellectuals and others against CAA are pending the Supreme Court…

When Sabers Rattle

General of The Army General Douglas Mac Arthur has been right all along “War is the most malignant scourge of mankind.” This is something Trump doesn’t understand. This latest debacle of foreign policy and military action blunders just might have unleashed a torrent of violent reprisals against freedoms everywhere.

Black Death II?

One of the base assumptions today concerning the latest health and medical emergency, this Coronavirus, is that it is very relevant and reminiscent to the Black Death of the 12th and 13 century. During the early middle ages personal hygiene was almost non existent, sanitation, there was none, and the close proximity of people in villages and towns, like London, and Paris made the Black Death such a virulent and deadly plague. The similarity between Coronavirus and the Black Death is too uncanny not to ignore.

Something Scary Was Lurking Unbeknownst to Me: The Corona Virus

I couldn’t help but obsess over it. I had the feeling I was immersed in a science-fiction movie. I had read the short story “The Birds” by Daphne du Maurier, a story that had always impressed me, a narrative set in the UK that was later made into a Hitchcock film. The short story seemed to teach a valuable message, but I never thought it would have been directly applicable to my life in 2020. The attack by birds in the movie could have been a representation of the Corona Virus that was creeping around the corner in 2020. Maybe I should’ve watched more TV shows about pandemics, I thought.

Did China’s Conspiratorial Actions Push the World Into Crisis?

The world community, no doubt, has to put up a united front to combat the coronavirus disease at this juncture. But at the same time, it must also be on guard not to let the totalitarian Chinese regime exploit the situation to establish its political, territorial and economic hegemony over the world.

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