Why are Black Americans disproportionately affected by HIV & AIDS?

The Indian Feminist: A Necessary Trait Due to Abuse

Indian women are more prone to convey their thinking compared to other Asian women. And we look at India itself to search for answers. We find out that their independance may be fueled from ages of abuse, and that trait may be saving them from falling back into abuse.

Euro Area Is an Aggregate

After 12 years of Eurozone experiment, EU is wondering what kind of shadowy creature it is riding. Borrowing costs for Italy, Spain, Belgium and Austria have jumped because of Greece’s nightmare. Even France, the Eurozone’s second-largest economy with a top-notch bond rating, has seen its interest rate rising as investors speculate how the crisis may ripple.

Employing the Diverse Benefits of Volunteer Programs Overseas

Volunteer programs overseas truly pose a finest prospect for individuals so that they can reach those who are in need and make this world a better place to dwell in. Such programs are immensely sought after by numerous aficionados who want to enhance the quality of life.

In God We Trust?

The US supreme court recently declared same-sex marriage legal. The country’s relationship with the nation of Israel is frosty. The Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma state capitol has been declared illegal by a court and is to be removed. There are also attempts to start a racist conflict in the country. About nine black parishioners were killed in Charleston church shooting and many other black churches have been burnt after that incident. My God! Maybe the House saw this fast descent into infamy coming in 2011 when they passed a resolution reaffirming ‘In God We Trust’ as the country’s national motto. The measure which was sponsored by Republican Representative Randy Forbes from Virginia was approved with 396 for, 9 against and two abstentions. According to him, the measure was necessary to check “a disturbing trend of inaccuracies and omissions, misunderstandings of church and state, rogue court challenges, and efforts to remove God from the public domain by unelected bureaucrats’.

Germany Still Wants to Conquer Europe

Germany has suckered the European nations for its own interest, and his time there is no Great Britain or United States to stop her while France, as before, ‘collaborates’. As the weak chips fall down – Ireland, Greece, Portugal – the great socio-democratic machine becomes more and more powerful.

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