Why US officials say Ukraine invasion ‘could happen at any time’

Nepal Is the Country With the Lowest Human Development Index (HDI) in Asia

Nepal falls among the group of countries with the least HDI (Human Development Index) owing to the poor economic condition of the nation. It is the only country after Afghanistan in Asia, which is ranked last in HDI report. According to the annual report published by United Nation Development Program (UNDP)’s 20th Human Development Report (HDR), it’s HDI for the year 2010 is 0. 458.

You Know, Maybe Humans Are Doomed to Repeat Their History Whether They Study It or Not?

Lord Acton had many famous quotes, and perhaps one of the most famous of all, at least in the present period, was his quote regarding history; “those who fail to study their history are doomed to repeat it.” That is a good quote isn’t it, and I’d say there is a bit of truth to it, however, I would also like to make some other statements about that quote. So let’s talk about this for a few moments shall we?

Immigration Crisis – An Epidemic That Grips the World Now

Multiculturalism is the biggest challenge that many countries in the world face today. The unprecedented competition brought about by globalization necessitates countries to look for cheap and productive people from developing countries, to stay competitive.

What the Death of Kim Jong Il Means for North Korea

We recently visited North Korea. Based on what we witnessed there we offer some insight on how the country will respond to the death of Kim Jong Il.

All Blue Eyed People Are Related

A new research shows the blue-eyes didn’t exist from the start. It was caused by mutation of OCA2 gene, which is responsible for producing a pigment that colors our hair and eyes. The research also states that only brown eyed people existed back then, So all blue eyed people belong to the same ancestors If you meet a blue-eyed person, he might be your distant cousin, Make sure to give him a hug. The mutation isn’t a dangerous or drastic one, It only effected the eye color, no sign of characteristic differences in aging, hair color…

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