Why’s this a ‘critical moment’ for the US and Russia over Ukraine? – BBC News


Moscow Towers Over Trump

US President Donald Trump defies US intelligence warnings that Russian Vladimir Putin is a threat to American democracy. Trump is known to aggressively pursue what he wants. He desperately wanted a Trump Tower in Moscow way before he ran for President. A construction project was signed in 2005 and Memorandum of Understanding was signed in 2016. The project was put on ice with the election of Trump. The Trump presidency just could be an elaborate scheme between Trump and Putin to get Trump the tower he wants and Putin to get his opportunity to dominate the world starting with the US.

Champ Turns Chump With Trump

America was respected as great before con artist Donald Trump duped gullible Americans into believing they needed him to make life superb. Two years later, the country is a global laughingstock known for cruelty to immigrants, children allies and the environment. The American people can help each other to oust Trump by boldly pointing out the absurdity of the lies he uses to keep his base enthused for him.

Join Noble Centered Leaders Working for Compassion Peace and the Good of All Humanity

We’re facing an international crisis of epic proportions. Conflict, racism, hate, war and disaster are displacing more people whether refugee or citizen than at any time in human history. The FISH Foundation Global Nation believes that this is an issue that demands action NOW (No Opportunity Wasted).

In Praise of Age and Biden

Youth is impatient, raring to go and make a mark on the world. Experience makes for proven character. Current US Prez Trump has shown his character to be corrupt. Prez candidate Joe Biden has shown himself to be morally solid. The difference is that Trump lies and aides call it spin. Biden tells the truth complete with the human quality of error.

Cyberocracy: Information As Power

Cyberocracy: Information As Power – Cyberocracy Rulership Is Coming? Ruling with Information! According to futurology – the way that we are headed IS Cyberocracy. The effective use of information to essentially rule as ‘Alternative Responsible Government’.

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