Mother sues social media giants, says they’re to blame for daughter’s suicide

Distinguishing A Baby Bust From A Sex Drought

A much-discussed article questions whether Japan’s government policy is turning off its citizens’ sex drive. When the three issues of sex, long-term romantic relationships and procreation are viewed independently, it becomes clear that it is in the choice to marry and, particularly, the choice to have children where government policy exerts true force.

Does Democracy And Economic Prosperity Have A Chance In Tunisia?

My American and British friends often ask me, “does democracy really have a shot at success in North Africa?” They are referring of course to the so-called Arab Spring uprisings three years ago, which began in Tunisia on December 17, 2010, when a young fruit vendor, Mohammed Bouazizi set himself afire to protest ridiculous laws that made it impossible for him to earn a living. Incredibly, only 28 days later the government of the dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali collapsed. Ben Ali and his wife fled to Khartoum with a plane-full of gold bars. Of course, I am only an observer of these events from Senegal and France, though I feel, like all Africans, that I have a vested interest in the success of these democratic changes in North Africa, in the hope that they will be the harbingers of positive change throughout the continent.

666 And His Invented Religions

Folks everywhere are turning away from traditional religions as the distortions of facts engaged in by them become ever more obvious. There are no real gods in fake statues and idols but people who are brainwashed from birth into thinking otherwise are controlled vehicles used for power by wealthy organisations and politics.

Dark Mountains Built From Man’s Imagination

Most people today are confused and bewildered by religions that are turning on each other and killing innocent victims. Terrorism and violence is spawned by the ignorance taught on the dark mountains of religions. Passionate speakers who believe what their ancestors dreamed and who are ready to kill to protect it.

Saving the World Is Out of Our Hands As God Is Destroying It Through the Work of 666

Humans are facing the ultimate end of the world and are starting to panic but there can be no solution. Even climate change cannot be stopped now although many do not even recognise it as a threat.

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