Closely planned US raid kills Islamic State leader – BBC News

Ghosts and Ghouls in Haunted Houses

Not many actually see ghosts but the stories about them always amaze. Whether they exist or not is probably never going to be proven one way or the other but speculation continues nonetheless.

Same Sex Marriage Law Passed in the ACT

Same sex marriage is inevitable as those who have same sex partners insist on equal rights as others when it comes to tying the knot. On the surface there is no reason why they should not have this privilege unless one is religiously influenced. In that case there are other things to consider.

Babylon the Great As Identified in Revelation 17?

The reference in Revelation 17 is rather shocking in its meaning, The reason goes back to the time of sun worship and the crucifixion of god-men who are all Christs, or men on crosses, of whom it was believed that no matter how many died to mate with the sun they were all deemed successful. The term ‘h-or’ comes from the sun-star seen on the mountain peaks with whom they married.

The Fascination With Pictures of Abused Children

Child abuse appears to be unstoppable but governments could be doing more to help control populations that are over breeding. Images of babies lying on slabs in morgues are too upsetting for some while others are drawn to them.

Cutting Girls Is a Criminal Act That Must Be Outlawed

No girl should ever have to face someone cutting off their clitoris. This barbaric act is performed in the name of religion in many Islamic countries and it is time it was stopped.

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