The Rundown: Top headlines today: Feb. 2, 2022

No Right To Bear Arms

In the wake of terrorist attacks in France and the threat of similar atrocities in the UK, a call appeared on Facebook for civilians to be allowed to buy guns with which to fight back against their possible assailants. This prompted a comment to the effect that if civilians were allowed to bear arms in the UK, they wouldn’t need terrorists, they would slaughter one another as they do in the USA. The author of this comment was called a fool and also informed that Jesus wept when he was born. Name-calling usually reveals an absence of rational argument, and it is hard to imagine any tears being shed over the denial of the right to own a gun.

Muslim Terrorists Attack Paris: How Will It, and Should It Affect Our Immigration Policies? Part II

In Part I, I reported on the Paris attack, ISIS, Syrian refugees and the problem they pose to the United States and Europe-the who, what, when, where, and some of the how. In Part II, I now will attempt to further illustrate the problems of unfettered immigration both in Europe and here at home.

Muslim Terrorists Attack Paris: How Will It, and Should It Affect Our Immigration Policies?

On Friday evening, November 13, 2015, Paris was stunned by Muslim terrorists presumed to be ISIS affiliated. In a coordinated, simultaneous effort, eight lone gunman killed at least one hundred twenty-nine and injured more than three hundred others, nearly one hundred critically. All assailants were killed, seven blowing themselves up with bombs strapped to their bodies.

Dark Of The Night

Once upon a time by the shores of Itchygoomy in the land of the Tweeterwill another harrowing story is about to begin. But unlike the fairytales of our childhood comes a more sinister tale that makes the Brothers Grimm’s tales very tame indeed. “No not the buttons” cried the Ginger Bread Man.

China’s Population Reform Is Too Little, Too Late

China’s rulers set a demographic time bomb 35 years ago. Now it is exploding in their faces.

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