Trump official: ‘I don’t have too much hope’ for Ukraine resolution

Samoa to Go Through ‘TimeWarp’

Since 1892, Samoa has been one of the last places to celebrate entering the new year. But this year that will be different.

Israel and Palestine Existentialism in Brotherhood

A particular community is a favorite, another particular community is held in disdain and the trend changes to suit the flavor of the audience, not necessarily based on the goodness or badness of the communities. Why would the globe be so interested in these;two particular communities and the interest has reached a level that drove the globe to invent a method to highlight the particular likes and dislikes, placed their respectful observations, devote time to monitor and supervise their actions? The creation of Israel by the UN in 1947 under the leadership of Britain…

Middle East Versus West Culture Clash – How About Far East Versus West Culture Chaos?

Every nation should celebrate culture, and it should be preserved for all to see and experience. We need to do that to better fully understand one-another, and keep peace in the world. Everyone should celebrate everyone else’s culture, and learn about it.

The True Christmas Story

Christmas is coming. This time of the year is a time for joy,love,hope. It’s time to make some good plans. It’s time for some memories.

Doomsdayers at It Again!

With the onset of yet another new year, we have arrived at that time when all the so-called experts make their predictions for the coming year. Some of the predictions pass by without anybody taking much notice and others are observed with anticipation to see just how accurate the prediction may end up being.

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