Biden orders 3,000 US troops to back up NATO in Eastern Europe

Why Do People Link Spirit With Religion And Fail To See The Supreme Power Of The Universe?

Just because someone does not follow a religion it does not make them an atheist. Many who fall into this category believe in a higher power but do not know who or what it is.

How England Deals With Gun Owners

At a time when the issue of civilian gun ownership is again a subject of lively debate in the USA, it is interesting to consider how an isolated case of gun ownership has been handled in England, where a farmer has been arrested on suspicion of possessing an illegal firearm. What makes this case of especial interest is the fact that this same man shot dead a burglar in 1999, and was convicted of murder and sentenced to nine years in prison. It would seem from statements made recently in the social media by people demanding the right to bear arms in the USA, that many people feel that householders in the farmer’s position should have the right to use lethal force to protect their property.

Non-Militant Islam Better Than Godless America – The Problem Is the Quran

The Bible uses political cartoons to represent nations. In the book of Daniel we find a ram in the Middle East pushing west, but it is stomped by a goat that flies from the west “at the time of the end.” That will be the end of militant Islam, but the ram is a more noble creature than a goat as suggested by Christ when he will separate the sheep from the goats. The Quran teaches militancy that will get its adherents killed. Bible has better information on current events as they unfold.

The Horn Of The Roman Empire

The term ‘horn’ is used in the bible to describe power, knowledge, and wisdom. It is given to some to use their horn to devastate others and as a bull gouges with its horns so the Spirit is gouging the evil religions that hide the Spirit.

The Truth About Reincarnation Being God’s Secret Way

It is the way we have all returned and everyone who has ever lived has been back now to face the wrath of God or to receive their inheritance. That is why there are so many alive today and why the end of the earth is happening now.

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