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World Book Night – Spreading the Love of a Lifetime

World Book Night is a recent phenomenon which started in the UK in 2011. It has now spread to the US and other countries as a way to reach out with great reading to those who have not yet discovered this passion – or to those who have forgotten just how enriching a good book can be.

Can We Turn the Middle East Into a Perpetual Oasis With Rivers and Lakes? Yes

Is it possible to create artificial rivers in the Middle East? Can we create a perpetual oasis, a modern city with rivers and lakes and water features? Is it even possible that we can do it in such an arid region of our planet? Why not? What if we did this in all of the Arab nations that could afford the creation of such abundance thanks to their oil sales? Consider if you will that the United States sends over $180 billion a year to oil-producing nations? Obviously, they have the money to create a watery abundance, but should they you ask?

The Positive Future of US and Egyptian International Diplomacy Considered

In the first world we believe that respect must be earned, but we duly grant tolerance to all religions and ways of life, up to a point of course. For instance, we cannot tolerate violence or terrorist attacks in the name of someone else’s religion upon the free people of the world. Nor should we ever expect too. Those who engage in such will not be tolerated, nor should they be respected.

International Affairs Topics and Some Philosophy On That

Not long ago, I was having a rather interesting discussion with an acquaintance about international affairs, US Diplomacy, and some of the mistake I thought we had made along the way. You see, I am rather for a “tough love” approach, speak softly and swing the stick only when needed. Battleship or perhaps aircraft carrier diplomacy in the present period, well that all suits me fine because we are a super power, the world’s only and sometime you just have to take charge.

The Shadow Side of Salt Spring Island

This writing is applicable to everyone, which is how it tends to be when inspired from the Heart. I didn’t know when I decided to create a blog featuring the Shadow archetype, that the circumstances of my life on Salt Spring Island during the summer of 2006 would surface still seeking to be exposed. My intuition knew otherwise.

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